Making kernel problem

c4droid c4droid at
Mon Jan 6 07:22:24 EST 2020

My environment is MacOS Catalina, I installed docker for building
kernel. The docker container using -v options to mapping local path to
docker container.
Martin Christian writes:

> Am 06.01.20 um 12:09 schrieb c4droid:
>> Hi, I'm learning how to hacking the Linux kernel follow a tutorial from
>> web, when I download the Linux kernel 5.4.8 source code and extract it
>> to run make mrproper, the make report: Documentation/Kbuild: Is a
>> directory. Stop. I checked Documentation directory, only have a
>> directory name kbuild, not directory name Kbuild. How can I clean this
>> error.
> My guess would be, you are running your build on a filesystem which is
> case insensitive (eg. FAT)
> Martin

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