Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Sun Feb 23 07:18:32 EST 2020

Pratyush Das <reikdas at gmail.com> writes:

>> Next time try make -j<number of cpu cores + 1 )
> I thought it was limited by the number of processor threads? In this case,
> if each CPU core has just one thread, the +1 does not really serve a
> purpose?

It's not limited.  And the processes will compete for more than just CPU
resources, so it can make sense to run a few more than you have CPU
cores.  This gives the scheduler something to work with when some of the
make processes are blocking on IO.

Personally I often use twice the number of cores, including the
hyperthreaded ones.  So I run 'make -j16' on a 4 core CPU with HT.

You won't see much improvement by overcommitting like this, but it
doesn't harm either.


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