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On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 11:14 PM Jack Winch <sunt.un.morcov at>

> Hi All,
> Just joined the mailing list (as I will no doubt be calling on the
> community's expertise in the near future).  I am looking to get my
> hands dirty with some kernel development - mainly because I want to
> improve my understanding of the kernel and I honestly believe that
> getting involved will be a worthwhile investment of my time and will
> also be highly educational.
> Over the next coming months, I shall be undertaking a more structured
> approach to studying and gaining familiarity with the kernel source.
> I will also be looking to get involved in some simple patch
> development (e.g., simple janitorial type jobs), such that I can gain
> some experience of the patch development and submission process.  I am
> aware that typically lists some of these types of
> job and that the kernel project has plenty of documentation and tips
> from veteran contributors concerning these topics.
> Areas of particular interest to me include:
>   - Industrial I/O
>   - Device Driver Development
>   - 'Real-Time' Systems
>   - Time Synchronisation
>   - Networking & Communication Protocols
> If anyone knows of any newbie projects in these specific areas, then
> it would be great to hear from you.
> Lastly, the Kernel Newbies website seems to be unavailable at the
> moment (Google last cached the site on 31 Jan 2020 01:49:1 UTC).  Any
> idea when it will be available again?
> Rik maintains the website, I think.
ccing him for an answer.

Many Thanks,
> Jack W.
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Thank you
Warm Regards
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