Partition linux page cache for each VM

Chirag Chauhan chirag.holmes at
Thu Apr 25 09:36:54 EDT 2019


I need to modify pagecache such that each VM gets their own LRU list and
eviction is done from that list.
I need to verify whether I'm on the right path, so can anyone please verify
my approach.

The first step is to identify which VM is making the call to allocate a
As VMs are stored as a file, I can identify each VM with their filename,
For this, I'm trying to get the filename associated with an address_space
object when add_to_page_cache_lru() is called in filemap.c

>From address_space object, I can get inode and therefore dentry.
I'm not able to figure out how to get the name of a file.

And can you please provide brief overview of what the overall approach
should be?
Any comments would help.

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