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Mon Apr 1 15:43:16 EDT 2019

On 4/1/19 8:53 PM, Bharath Vedartham wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 08:37:51PM +0200, Andrea Laisa wrote:
>> I'm not sure what project i'm looking to apply, maybe a netdev driver? Or
>> two network protocol driver with a userspace daemon/utilities to control the
>> antenna? Or just a userspace daemon/utilities.
>> I don't have a clear idea where I should write the code that controls the
>> antenna.
> I think you want to apply for Gsoc for the linux foundation. Go check
> out this website for more details.
> The deadline for submitting your application is April 9th!
I have already read the page and tried to contact the org admins but 
they seem to be unreacheble
>> Il 01/04/19 20:28, Andrea Laisa ha scritto:
>>> Il 01/04/19 19:16, Greg KH ha scritto:
>>>> Who is "you" here?  What project specifically are you looking to apply
>>>> to that asked you to post on the kernelnewbies list?
>>> As "you" I mean all linux kernel hacker.
> "You" should mean an organisation like the Linux foundation, strace etc.
> Please be more specific on that.
I mean the linux foundation.
>>> Il 01/04/19 19:16, Greg KH ha scritto:
>>>>     - do you have documentation for how this protocol works?
>>>>     - do you have access to hardware where you could test these kernel
>>>>       changes?
>>> Yes, I have access to my home antenna (and access point), but I don't have
>>> any tyoe of official documentation because it doesn't exist or I doesnt't
>>> found it,
>>> I have sniffed my network traffic between the access point and the antenna
>>> and I discovered(with wireshark) that they use a custom protocol over LCC
>>> (dsap 0x40 and 0x10) to setup the connection to my ISP via LTE. After the
>>> setup the AP routes the LAN network traffic to the antenna as expected
>>> over a 802.1q-tagged IP packet(with VLAN ID=1121).
>>> Although I don't have access to the protocol specifications, I'm going to
>>> reverse engineering the protocol!
> You have stated that the protocol is proprietary? Could you give more
> info on your wireshark output. If the protocol is proprietary, then it
> would be really difficult for you to write a driver for it. Reversing
> engineering a protocol would take you months to figure it out. I don't
> Gsoc would be possible for you right now on this idea. If your interested check out
> the other ideas in the link above.
> Also the link above has explained on how to propose your own idea for a
> Gsoc project. Please do check it out!

I'm not sure if it's proprietary but I wasn't able to find the specs of 
the protocol.

Wireshark has failed to recognize the inner data in the LLC pdu. the 
LLCs has 0x40 or 0x10 has SSAP.  The OUI of the mac addresses are 
"sequans communications". I suspect the LLC PDUs are used to setup the 
antenna and get the data about the radio status. The packet sent from/to 
the LAN from/to the internet are encapsuled in 802.1q(using VLAN 
id=1121). I'm confident the protocol is not too hard to figure it out

> Also try reaching out to the company to see if they already support this
> protocol on linux.(Probably not because it is proprietary).
I will do it!
> Thanks!
> Bharath
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