Questions about my idea (for gsoc)

Andrea Laisa andrea.laisa at
Mon Apr 1 14:37:51 EDT 2019

I'm not sure what project i'm looking to apply, maybe a netdev driver? 
Or two network protocol driver with a userspace daemon/utilities to 
control the antenna? Or just a userspace daemon/utilities.
I don't have a clear idea where I should write the code that controls 
the antenna.

Il 01/04/19 20:28, Andrea Laisa ha scritto:
> Il 01/04/19 19:16, Greg KH ha scritto:
>> Who is "you" here?  What project specifically are you looking to apply
>> to that asked you to post on the kernelnewbies list?
> As "you" I mean all linux kernel hacker.
> Il 01/04/19 19:16, Greg KH ha scritto:
>>    - do you have documentation for how this protocol works?
>>    - do you have access to hardware where you could test these kernel
>>      changes?
> Yes, I have access to my home antenna (and access point), but I don't 
> have any tyoe of official documentation because it doesn't exist or I 
> doesnt't found it,
> I have sniffed my network traffic between the access point and the 
> antenna and I discovered(with wireshark) that they use a custom 
> protocol over LCC (dsap 0x40 and 0x10) to setup the connection to my 
> ISP via LTE. After the setup the AP routes the LAN network traffic to 
> the antenna as expected over a 802.1q-tagged IP packet(with VLAN 
> ID=1121).
> Although I don't have access to the protocol specifications, I'm going 
> to reverse engineering the protocol!

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