How to handle Hotplug with UIO userspace driver

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Thu Sep 28 19:12:35 EDT 2017

On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 11:51 AM, Divakar <divakar.chitturi at> wrote:

> Hi Mandeep,
> Recently i encountered similar issue with UIO framework in hotplug
> scenario. I reviewed the earlier patch from 2010 and your 4 patch
> series. 4 patch series seems to work. I checked the latest kernel
> source and i dont think your patches have been merged. Hopefully
> i am not looking at the wrong place. If they are not merged is there
> a plan to merge them ? I do think these patches are required.
Thats correct. The patches have not been merged. I no longer have the
hardware available and have moved away from the project that needed it,
therefore I was unable to carry with the patches (they were still under
review). It'd be great if you can resubmit those. Make sure they apply
cleanly to the latest staging branch (?). I think Greg had asked some
question regarding during the review, it would be good if you can pick it
up from there. GKH (who's on this list too) can weigh in more on this.

Good luck.

> I also found a bug in your patch set which is discussed here
> I was able to workaround/fix it.
> I can upload a patch if needed.
> Please advice if you plan to get the patchset merged.
> Thanks
> Divakar
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