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Hello Narendra,

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> Hello,
> I have a server with bunch of SSD and HDD. i want to enable blk-mq for
> SSDs only as it gives negative performance for rotational disks. (Please
> correct me here if i required)
> Is it possible to enable blk-mq for selective disks ?
SSD and HDD are two kinds of devices which should be handled by two
separate drivers. blk-mq is designed to exploit those IO controllers which
can handle multiple requests in parallel. Also blk-mq increases the
performance on devices where ramdom IO and sequencial IO performance
doesn't have much difference. blk-mq will still do a bit of IO reordering
to promote sequential access over random access. But since we have multiple
queues, the magnitude of reorder is low in blk-mq.

So to answer to your question. Ideally it might have taken care in the
drivers. No one will write a blk-mq model driver for HDD devices.


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