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Chris Obbard obbardc at
Wed Nov 29 06:16:05 EST 2017

Hi list,

Currently I am writing drivers for ARM boards (think along the lines of
Raspberry Pi HATs, it doesn't belong in mainline; as well as other various
hacks), which just consist of series of patches which I apply by checking
out Mainline and then applying the patches by hand.

Naturally, this is a bit of a hack... I want to have this as one repo on
Github (or the like) with a _lot_ of branches with my changes in.

This is what Git is made for, but what happens when Linus releases a new
version? How do I make my changes apply to the new tag?

Also, what happens if I want to pull from someone's -next repo, or pull in
other patches?

Maybe there is a tutorial somewhere that can help me. I am used to using
Git for small projects :-).

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