completely disable an input device

Crni Gorac cgorac at
Sat Nov 25 07:39:03 EST 2017

The device in question is a touchpad.  I tried first with disabling it
in BIOS, but then learned that in this particular laptop, this setting
is actually there just to let Windows know that touchpad is not to be
used, and not actually physically turning it off.  So I tried various

1. To blacklist corresponding module, psmouse in this case.  This
doesn't work for me, as I'd like to use the trackpoint, that is
handled by the same module.

2. To delete corresponding /dev/input/mouseX and /dev/input/eventX
devices. That doesn't work, as device nodes get recreated upon reboot.

3. To disable touchpad using corresponding userspace daemons: gpm for
console and synclient for X.  This is what I use at the moment, but
I'd prefer to have it disabled on "lower level".

4. To write a small program that would grab corresponding
/dev/input/mouseX device, through passing EVIOCGRAB to ioctl, and then
sleep forever.  This program would be activated through an udev rule.
Haven't actually tried this, I think it should do, but it's too much

So I'm wondering, is there any other way to accomplish this?

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