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Ulf Hansson ulf.hansson at
Tue Nov 14 07:00:14 EST 2017


> An example pull request of mine might look like:
>         Char/Misc patches for 4.15-rc1
>         Here is the big char/misc patch set for the 4.15-rc1 merge
>         window.  Contained in here is the normal set of new functions
>         added to all of these crazy drivers, as well as the following
>         brand new subsystems:
>                 - time_travel_controller: Finally a set of drivers for
>                   the latest time travel bus architecture that provides
>                   i/o to the CPU before it asked for it, allowing
>                   uninterrupted processing
>                 - relativity_shifters: due to the affect that the
>                   time_travel_controllers have on the overall system,
>                   there was a need for a new set of relativity shifter
>                   drivers to accommodate the newly formed black holes
>                   that would threaten to suck CPUs into them.  This
>                   subsystem handles this in a way to successfully
>                   neutralize the problems.  There is a Kconfig option to
>                   force these to be enabled when needed, so problems
>                   should not occur.
>         All of these patches have been successfully tested in the latest
>         linux-next releases, and the original problems that it found
>         have all been resolved (apologies to anyone living near Canberra
>         for the lack of the Kconfig options in the earlier versions of
>         the linux-next tree creations.)
>         Signed-off-by: Your-name-here <your_email at domain>
> The tag message format is just like a git commit id.  One line at the
> top for a "summary subject" and be sure to sign-off at the bottom.

I don't add my s-o-b to signed tags for pull requests, but perhaps I should.

However, I think most maintainers don't use it, and neither does it
seems like Linus is preserving the tag when he does the pull.


Kind regards

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