How to setup network connection for initramfs running in QEMU?

Pranay Srivastava pranjas at
Fri May 26 00:35:56 EDT 2017

Hi Douglas,

Do you've /etc/hosts ? Have you tried giving the loopback address in that

Just check any /etc/hosts file from another distribution and hack on it to
at least have loopback address pinged. Then we'll try to fix machine to
machine ping. (Tun-tap? Not sure really.)

On 26-May-2017 8:34 AM, "Douglas Su" < at> wrote:

> Thanks to this mail list, I have already successfully set up a simple
> initramfs and booted it in QEMU with busybox tools.
> However, there is no network connection for the initramfs, that makes me
> hard to exchange files between qemu and the host.
> Command `ip link show` tells there exists only one 'lo' interface, and I
> can't ping successfully.
> So how to boot initramfs in qemu with full network support?
> Best regards.
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