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Roman Storozhenko romeusmeister at gmail.com
Thu May 18 11:34:40 EDT 2017

> Hello,
> I am interested in wrinting code in Linux kernel and I started write kernel modules. I have some basics about kernel development- I red Robert's Love book. My the biggest project with kernel code is simple module, which create char device which can execute commands as root. Actually I'm reading Linux device drivers 3rd edition. And I haven't any idea what I could doing. I have many ebooks about kernel, but I prefer learn by writing some code. Sorry for my banal question (propably you haven't many time), but when someone answer me, I will be very very thankful.

I would suggest you to:

1) Complete eudyptula challenge. It contains 20 kernel-related tasks.
I have completed 8th task and awaiting to response and I want to say that
this is a very good challenge for newbies.

2) Pick one of the areas in which you want to participate in. It might
be virtualization, networking, storage, drivers, etc.. Any of that. Go to the
appropriate kernel bug tracker, pick a bug and then try to reproduce it,
fix it and send it as a patch.  I tried many different strategies in
last 8 months, but it seems that this one is the most obvious and

After you complete it you will know enough to continue without any
advices )

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