system tap unable to refer a structure definition

Gadre Nayan gadrenayan at
Wed May 3 06:59:45 EDT 2017


I am trying a script to read some headers which are passed from one module
to another.

c = @cast($frags[0]->f_addr, "volioship_hdr_t",

printf("Arguments: [Frag[0]->size: %d, Frag[0]->f_addr: %u, Sender: %d,
Receiver: %d]\n",  $frags[0]->f_size, $frags[0]->f_a    ddr,
c->iosh_sender, c->iosh_receiver)

The header file is locally available on the machine.

Error Msg:

semantic error: type definition 'volioship_hdr_t' not found in
'/root/ngadre/unixvm-cvs/src/common/kernel/vxvm/ioship_cvm.h': operator
'@cast' at :46:6
        source:         c = @cast($frags[0]->f_addr, "volioship_hdr_t",

How do I make system tap refer to this structure.

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