[API] How many time to be context-switched?

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On Nov 27, 2016 9:44 AM, "Ricardo Biehl" <rbpoficial at gmail.com> wrote:
>         As a question I've made on Stackexchange
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> I'm developing a real-time program where scheduler's context-switches
> might interfere its performance.
> ---
> Suppose I need to do many consecutive (but optional) operations (I
> mean I'm able to cancel some of them) of the same type in every
> execution of a timer-oriented signal handler.
> Could I check how much time left until my thread get context-switched?
> [...] and then I can cancel/jump some operations for a better
> performance at all.
> If yes, how can I do it (in C code)?

If you use SCHED_FIFO, then at the right RT priority level, you should not
context switch anyway. Time quantas apply only to regular CFS tasks or when
RT throttling is activated.

Also note that interrupts and softirqs cause variability and interruptions
no matter what you do or how you schedule.


> Huge thanks!
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