an advise how to start

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 hi rami, thanks allot. thats exactly what i was looking for. May i had that i have read some of your articles and presentation and from your network internals book and enjoyed every minute .Many thanks,Limor

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Hi Limor, 
Regarding your question about bugs:
The Linux kernel has a Bugzilla:
You can browse it by a subsystem.

Rami Rosen

Hi all, i am a senior c,c++ engineer which is used to complex MT systems both in user space and in layer 4. i have read some books on the kernel, wondered around kernel code and understood parts of it subsystems. i am really enthutiastic about writing something within the kernel but i dont know where to start. a good start for me would be list of bugs and small features missing but i dont know where to find such updated list. i have heard about the outreachy project and liked it but next cycle is only at may, and even than i need to dedicate 3 full months without working and it also seems like a students kind of program so i m not sure i will fit. Is any has any idea how can i find list of bugs and small features to begin with ?  I m great at understanding code and in sync mechanisms. i truly love the rcu. i also love smp and cpu in general and  vm. i have an experience with file systems , some experience with embeded and allot of background in networks but  the kernel network internals is not a subsystem i have dived into seriously yet ( even implemented tcp stack from scratch though for some company i worked in. and it worked smoothly with great performance ) Any guidance will be appreciated.ThanksLimor.
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