How to get involved with the latest kernel development?

Hao Lee haolee.swjtu at
Thu Nov 10 08:23:48 EST 2016

Hi, everyone

I'm very interested in memory management, so I have read many
materials such as  Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager and
Understanding the Linux Kernel (2nd). These books are all about kernel
2.4 and I have read the source code of kernel 2.4 for a long time.

I once thought I can use kernel 2.4 as my stepping-stone and begin my
journey of kernel development, but I feel frustrated. Kernel 2.4 and
kernel 4.4.30 are almost completely different! I can't even find a
familiar function and I don't know how to begin. I want to contribute
to mm subsystem and I believe many developers in this list are more
experienced than me, so could you give me some advice. Thanks!

Hao Lee

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