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Tue Nov 1 14:39:02 EDT 2016

Hi Amit,

Am 01.11.2016 um 13:35 schrieb Amit Mahadik:
> Hi,
>      I am trying to understand  the Linux Power management Unit
> framework. I have an ARM Cortex-A9x4 board. When I enable pm_test or
> pass initcall_debug parameter through U-boot via bootargs the system
> goes into (wfi/suspend state) and resumes properly.
> However, the issue is when I disable pm_test and initcall_debug and put
> my system into WFI/SUSPEND state , it does not resume even if the
> registered wakeup IRQ is generated.
>     I am using linux kernel source revision 4.4.16. Can somebody please
> help me regarding this issue?

i have a similiar issue with a i.MX28 board [1].

Here are some question which should help to narrow down the issue:

Are you able to reproduce the issue with current Mainline kernel 4.9rcX?
What exact platform you are using?
What are the exact commands to suspend your board?
What device is your wakeup source?
Does suspend already worked before?
Did you try no_console_debug on a debug UART?


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> Regards,
> Amit.
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