Kernel panic after insmod

Silvan Jegen me at
Mon Jun 27 03:51:31 EDT 2016

Am 2016-06-26 18:38, schrieb Aruna Hewapathirane:
> And completely off-topic what are the options for some of us who very 
> much
> wish to attend the Linux conference North America (
> ) but
> simply cannot afford the standard registration fee of US$950 ?

Let me give you my thoughts on this.

I, too, think the price is rather steep. The reason for that is that the 
Linux Foundation is not expecting individuals to pay the registration 
fee (though I did it before. If you do, I would recommend to first 
become a member of the Linux Foundation because the registration fee 
reductions you get that way pay for the member fee about three times 
over). Rather, it is the company you work for that is expected to pay 
for you going there.

> And I notice Microsoft is a Diamond sponsor ? Interesting !

Probably due to Microsoft profiting off of Linux running on Azure. It's 
a very good thing in any case!



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