Reading network connections for processes in a separate net namespaces from /proc/[pid]/net/tcp|tcp6

dariusz ostolski dariusz.ostolski at
Mon Jan 25 08:00:11 EST 2016


2016-01-22 10:21 GMT+01:00 Rami Rosen <roszenrami at>:
>>I've found
>>functions for global files, maybe they are the same). I'd like to
>>check when these files where introduced (from what kernel version they
>>are available)
> Support for kernel network namesapces was added with kernel 2.6.29.
> It is basically based on adding an object called "net_ns" to the
> process descriptor, and instance of struct net, which represents a
> network namesapce. You can think of such object as representing the
> network state of a process, including all stats, sockets, devices,
> tables, and so on. This net_ns is a member of an object called
> nsproxy, which includes pointers to 4 other namesapces (uts, mnt, pid
> and ipc).
>>and there is no information about network
>>namespaces at all (google, stackoverflow, man pages, kernel docs)

Thank You for your answer it gave me some clues so I was not
completely blind when I checked kernel source code.
Nevertheless, excuse me for not being precise enough, what I meant is
that I couldn't find any docs about those 2 specific files:
1. /proc/[pid]/net/tcp
2. /proc/[pid]/net/tcp6

And how is their content related to net namespaces?

I want to read connections for a process that is in a separate net
namespace but I'd like to avoid switching to that namespace,
my experiments showed that reading /proc/[pid]/net/tcp|tcp6 should be
enough, but I'd like to find confirmation of that
 either in official docs (which I couldnt find) or in kernel source
code (I failed there too).

Again thank You in advance for your help.


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