'bin/sh: can't access tty' when boot from kernel-4.3.3

Hao Lee haolee.swjtu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 20:51:44 EST 2016

I encounter a problem when I boot from kernel-4.3.3. I use 'make
allnoconfig' to generate an initial config file and use 'make
menuconfig' to configure my kernel then compile it. But when I try to
boot from my new kernel, I see a message: ' bin/sh: can't access tty;
job control turned off '. I have searched some solutions on google,
but I can't solve this problem. So, could someone give me some advice
or some tips to solve it.

My development environment:
CentOS 6.0 with kernel-2.6.32
gcc 4.4.7
binutils 2.20
make 3.81

Hao Lee

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