Poking eudyptula for status updates

Luis de Bethencourt luis at debethencourt.com
Thu Jun 25 11:02:53 EDT 2015

Hello all,

I've been waiting for a week now since I submitted task 5 to Eudyptula.
I understand reviewing submissions takes time, specially the tasks that are
reviewed manually and there is a queue. Plus, it helps make the challege
replicate the experience of contributing to an open project. Waiting is fine.

What I am wondering is if my task fell through the cracks. Not sure if there is
a method to poke eudyptula for a status update. To confirm the submissions is
in the queue.

Is there an equivalent of politely asking a project maintainer about review
when a decent amount of time has passed since submission?
I know that if you resubmit you get pushed to the tail of the queue.

Sorry if this has been asked or explained before, I have searched and couldn't
find anything about the matter. Sorry for yet another Eudyptula related email
in the list.


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