Kernel contributions from organisations and individual privacy

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Sun Jun 14 17:18:26 EDT 2015

On Fri, 12 Jun 2015 23:29:51 -0000, Jeff Haran said:

> Seems like unless there is some monetary sting like a piece of the proceeds
> on the sale of violating products,

You know what's an even bigger monetary sting than having to pay a percentage?

A court order banning the sale of your product entirely until such time as
you get into compliance with the GPL to the plaintiff's and judge's satisfaction.

And in fact, that is the single relief usually requested in a GPL violation case - a
ban on the offending product's distribution until the company complies. And violating
a direct court order like that is something that no company that intends to stay in
business wants to even try to get away with - it's a really good way to have the judge
have a hissy fit and throw all your top corporate officers in the slammer for
contempt of court.
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