Kernel contributions from organisations and individual privacy

Chris Packham judge.packham at
Wed Jun 10 05:19:00 EDT 2015


This came up at work today and I'm not sure where the best place to
ask is. I almost went straight to the lkml but I figured I'd start
with newbies first.

We've been using the Linux kernel in our products for a number of
years now. We're doing all the right things w.r.t GPL compliance but
we're not actively pushing that much upstream. This means we're
effectively maintaining our own Linux fork with very few resources.
I'm trying to avoid this by encouraging developers to get their
changes upstreamed.

This is good for our organisation because we don't have to re-do our
changes when we need to take a new kernel version. Most developers see
this as a good career building for them. But some developers value
their individual privacy over career progression.

My initial response to that was well we can just make a dummy gmail
account or even setup a swdept@$organisation shared address. But
SubmittingPatches actually says to sign patches with your real name
not a pseudonym.

Does this basically mean people that value privacy are unable to contribute?


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