USB Driver - Device No Response standard compliant

Christian N cnegris01 at
Wed Jul 29 18:36:51 EDT 2015

Hi All

According to USB On The Go and Embedded Host Automated Compliacne
Plan, item 6.7.22 A-UUT “Device No Response” for connection timeout,
the "Device not responding” error message should be displayed when a
non-responsive device is attached.
I know that the presentation of the message is the responsibility of
the application (user space), but to do this is necesary an event from
usb driver (I think it). Nowdays when a non responsive device is
attached, "unable to enumerate USB device on port... " is logged a in
dmesg, but not event is dispatched (by example in usb_uevent).
Without an event application should poll the log (loading the system
unnecessarily) searching new "not responsive devices".

To comply with the standard usb driver should be modified?

I'm probably confusing responsibilities of user and kernel space. I
appreciate your opinion/answer.

Thanks in advance

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