Please do not generate patches purely based on checkpatch.

greg.freemyer at greg.freemyer at
Sat Jul 25 16:49:32 EDT 2015

On July 25, 2015 3:50:30 PM EDT, Ahmed Soliman <ahmedsoliman0x666 at> wrote:
>I have sent a patch for cleaning about 40 error and 50 warning
>generated checkpatch to the maintainer and all what I got in responce
>is "Nack.  Please do not generate patches purely based on checkpatch."
>so what did I do wrong ?! should  I follow checkpatch or not ??

If you want to practice the submission process the staging tree maintainer accepts checkpatch only fixes as patches.

Most maintainers feel the cost of accepting the and breaking other people's pending patches is too expensive.

Alternatively, if there are no pending patches then they will likely feel the code is stable so why risk a change for no real reason.

On the other hand if you submit a patch that addresses a real bug, then simultaneously doing a checkpatch related patch to the same area is a very good idea.

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