I dont know where to start

Ahmed Soliman ahmedsoliman0x666 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 15:20:48 EDT 2015

first of all I want to thank you with your real help but
currently I started to get lost
I can build my own kernel write patches but cannot contribute to the
linux kernel
because I don't know where to start learning
I am really interested in the linux security module (although I know
nothing about it ) but I always loved computer security and reverse
I started by searching for TODO as was referred by Konrad Zapałowicz
here <https://www.linux.com/news/software/linux-kernel/804403-three-ways-for-beginners-to-contribute-to-the-linux-kernel>
and I found this one
TODO: add support for apparmorfs_null and apparmorfs_mnt
in linux/security/apparmor.c
my first reaction was to look at the header files included and try to
understand what was this C file supposed to do and before I even try
to understand what is apparmorfs_null and apparmorfs_mnt but I found
really large number of dependencies that would take ages to read and
understand and each dependency have its own dependency  !!
at that moment I started to feel that I am doing something wrong and I
am not following the right approach so what do you suggest ?

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