Query on operstatus for link, can I change it?

Amit Agarwal amit at amit-agarwal.co.in
Tue Jul 14 17:23:04 EDT 2015

On 15-07-14 20:38:49, Jeff Haran wrote:
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> I think of the two virtual interfaces as real NICs with a cable between them. I am pretty sure they are protocol agnostic.
Yes, pretty much that.

> > If so, how do I make sure that no packets other than one
> > injected by me are seen on this interface. Sorry, if this sounds too stupid, but
> > I am noob in this area.
> That's what routing tables are for. 8^)
right :)

Thanks a ton Jeff. With your advice and some google, I think I can settle for
dummy interface which is similar to veth - only difference being it creates one
interface. Commands remain the same and I have to change only veth to dummy
for type in the ip command.

Also I found that I can set netmask to /32, turn off multicast and arp which
should get me to what I wanted. Thanks again.


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