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> Hi Luis,
> Many thanks for your prompt and helpfulresponse!
> > Do you have the relevant DEBUG macros activated in your kernel's
> > configuration?
> Perhaps not...
> >
> Read this, thanks. But that has nothing to do with KConfigmacros, has
> it?
> >
> >
> > If not, activate them. Or if in a pinch, switch to using pr_alert() for
> > development.
> What surprises me is that I made sue the message appears inthe .ko file
> and it was there,whereas it seems pr_debug discards its argument at
> compile time. Or is it at execution time?
> Thanks!
> Sébastien

Compile time. pr_debug() is meant only for development and discarded for
"production" builds.

pr_debug(), which is ordinarily an empty macro that discards its arguments
at compile time.
To enable debugging output, build the appropriate file with -DDEBUG by

CFLAGS_[filename].o := -DDEBUG

That is the key part there. But it is good to also check the options you
have in:
make menuconfig-> Kernel Hacking

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