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> Luis.
> Can you give somes docs link for the order :
> 2, 3, 1, 4 and 5 please
> Thanks
> Gnogbo


You should be aware this is the linux kernel newbies list.  It is
expected most people coming here are already very comfortable working
with Linux.  If you're not, you need to find a Linux Newbies resource.


Have you picked a distribution?  I get the impression you're very new to Linux.

Ubuntu has a reputation as easy to learn.  (I've been doing Unix/Linux
for 30+ years, so I haven't felt the urge to look into it.  openSUSE
is my personal choice.).

Assumuning you have Ubuntu installed, here is a very basic intro:

Most of the commands will apply to any version of linux.  The
exception being package management tools like "apt".  Typically a
distribution supports DEBs or RPMs and the ways to work with them are
different.  apt is typically used with DEBs.  openSUSE uses rpm and
zypper for package management from the command line.

If that is too basic for you, then here is the next tier:

Most of those are in the basic skill set of a Linux admin.

All 40 of the above commands have been around for at least a decade
and most since 1980 or before.

After that, you move in to more advanced topics and in some cases the
tools are newer.  You need to make sure you have current docs.  An
example is systemd.  It is now mainstream, but 5 years ago I had not
heard of it.

Things like ifconfig from decades ago still work and is commonly used
by documentation, but they are no longer the preferred way to work
with the NICs and especially not with IPv6.

If by chance you want to go with openSUSE, they have a set of books
available at:

As an example here is the section on openSUSE services:

Greg Freemyer

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