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> > Ok !
> > I don't know what the othet GUY think about your proposition.
> > At this moment I'll do so.
> > About the 5 create site web it is easy. Here we have not enough
> competence
> > to write some web applications which can run on the smartphone or tablets
> > Thanks
> > Gnogbo
> If your fundamental goal relates to Androids and userspace
> applications you can skip the task of learning to program inside the
> linux kernel.

I agree with this. If you want to write user applications, learning the
internals of the Linux Kernel is too much. Just learn system calls and user
space libraries (glib, for example).

> There are various free applications that provide command line access
> and also that compile programs for the Android.  Both C and Java
> compilers are readily available for free.
> Do you have a c and/or java programming background?
> A year or 2 of c experience specifically is really an important
> precursor to learning to program the Linux kernel.  The linux kernel
> is a very advanced use of c programming, so you need to be skilled
> with c before you start trying to work seriously inside the linux
> kernel.
> Java is enough to write apps for Android devices, but you need c
> skills to work in the kernel.
> Greg
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