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> Hi All !
> Please help me.
> Can you give me the all usefull link to understand how the kernel works.
> I am 62. I would like to be evangilist of linux in Africa.
> I have no money to buy books or courses.
> Thanks for your help.

Hi Gnogbo,
is full of good resources
Most recommended Linux Kernel book and it is free to download.
The Kernel is very well documented.
I recommend starting here:
Eudyptula challenge is great to learn by doing. Join it :)
Same with this training.

I'm sure people here will have more resources to recommend.

That said, the Linux Kernel is huge. Currently at over 15 million lines of
code. If you tell us which specific areas are of your interest, we can give
you more pinpointed recommendations.

Enjoy! It is a long path of learning but a fun and gratifying one.
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