Show kmem_cache in /proc/slabinfo

Christoph Lameter cl at
Thu Jan 22 15:57:42 EST 2015

On Sat, 17 Jan 2015, Giedrius Statkevičius wrote:

> On 2015.01.17 06:25, nawab wrote:
> > How can i show the cache created by using kmem_cache_create in
> > /proc/slabinfo...
> Is this related to the eudyptula challenge? If so, please figure out everything
> yourself and avoid asking questions on mailing lists. Otherwise you might get
> removed from the challenge.

Well you wont be seeing the slab if using SLUB and you ask to create a
slab of a size and with characteristics that already exists. In that case
the system simply creates an alias and reuses the existing slab.

Please use the "slabinfo" tool when using SLUB.

	slabinfo -a

will show the aliased slabs.

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