Debugging an ARP issue (no resp to ARP requests)

Mandeep Sandhu mandeepsandhu.chd at
Tue Jan 20 16:34:57 EST 2015

> This won't work.  Linux will consider both addresses as local to the
> host and will never respond to arp requests from any of those addresses.
> See

According to this Linux defaults to the 'weak host' model (I don't
know if Ubuntu changes this default). Although I don't know why this
will matter because I'm sending packets destined for the IP of that
specific interface (which should work in strong and weak models).

I think I'll sift through the ARP processing code to see if there are
points where it can drop a packet.

> You might be able to change this by tuning arp_announce/arp_ignore - But
> I don't know if that changes the behaviour wrt responses to local
> addresses...  See
> for
> the meaning of these knobs.

I'm playing around with different combinations of anything even
remotely connected to ARP and routing. Nothing's changed till now.

Thanks for your time.


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