Make cscope fails for me now as of lastest commits on Linus's tree

nick xerofoify at
Sun Jan 18 23:12:49 EST 2015

You were right about my build issues. I git cloned a
fresh copy of Linus's tree and it works fine now.
Thanks Again,

On 2015-01-18 05:14 PM, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Jan 2015 23:28:18 -0500, nick said:
>> Greetings Kernel Developers,
>> After pulling the latest kernel commits for Linus’s tree, I am
>> getting a build failure with make cscope. Below is the error
>> messages.
>> find: unknown predicate `--cc'
>> I am unsure of why I am getting this and if this is a bug or an issue
>> with my machine.
> Obvious first thing to do is 'make -v cscope' and see what the entire command
> line that's failing is.  I'm fairly sure that you've managed to mess up your
> source tree or build environment somehow, because:
> [/usr/src/linux-next] find [a-z]* -type f | xargs grep -e "--cc"
> scripts/  Using "--roles" or "--rolestats" with git send-email --cc-cmd or any
> [/usr/src/linux-next]
> There's only one occurrence of "--cc" in the current source tree, and it's not
> relevant as it's part of a longer string.

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