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Thu Jan 15 17:07:11 EST 2015

On Wed, 14 Jan 2015 11:07:22 -0500, "Dr. George E. Moore" said:
> I'm unclear as to how via kernel-janitors, I can support patches to the
> kernel. Are bug/documentation anomalies already identified in some
> archive, or are we expected to choose a subsystem, search for such
> anomalies as described in the KernelJanitor/Todo page, acknowledge our
> willingness to make fixes and submit patches to
> kernel-janitors at What kernel subsystems are current being
> reviewed and patched by kernel-janitors?

Pretty much none.

At one time, people would add new/changed APIs to the kernel, and
kernel-janitors would go around and fix the usage to match the new API.
However, a number of years ago, we started requiring that patch sets that
change an API also include patches to change all the users, so there's a lot
less cleanup work of that sort to do.

However, if you're wanting to get your feet wet, there's a *lot* of really
bad code in drivers/staging/ that needs a lot of care before it can move
to the main part of the kernel tree.  Everything under drivers/staging/
should have its own TODO file listing things that are *known* to need fixing
in the driver - and there's probably a half-ton of bad coding in the driver
that isn't listed in the TODO.  Greg KH is *always* looking for people
to dive in and provide patches. :)
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