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>> Hi everyone,
>> I am new to open source and really interested in contributing to Linux
>> kernel, can someone please help me how to get started.
>> P.S : I have good knowledge in computer architecture, operating systems
>> and C/C++
>> 1. Learn to use proper subject line, "help" doesn't ring any bell at all.
> 2. This question is asked every now and then, it is advisable to search
> the mailing list archives before asking this question.
> 3. Google a bit and work through basics like learning about Linux in
> general and programming and open source culture.
> 4. READ MORE, I mean read a lot before you ask a question. When you have
> exhausted all the avenues of self help, then come here with specific
> problem and we would be able to help.
> 5.  I wrote this a while ago but still relevant
> Also dig  for more details.
> Here is another link for newbies

Thank you
Warm Regards
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