booting arm board

John de la Garza john at
Sun Jan 11 22:38:08 EST 2015

I am trying to boot a foxg20 board.  It uses an at91sam9g20 chip an
used to work in linux 3.5.  I am looking for some advice on how to get
mainline linux to boot on it.

I first tried bisecting and found this commit:

which is where it wouldn't boot

I figured I should understand what broke, I ended up simply upping
MMC_CMD_RETRIES from 3 to 10.  So I was able to boot the version that
caused it to not work.  This change doesn't fix the lastest has unified
some of the driver code.

My question is:

What is a good way to boot the latest kernel?  Should I see where it
breaks then keeping fixing that and moving forward or should I just
start with the latest and take it from there?

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