how to implement mmap for sysfs device driver

Niroj Pokhrel nirojpokhrel at
Fri Sep 20 04:54:02 EDT 2013

Hi all,
I want to implement a device driver with mmap operations. However, I am not
using ioctl call.
My approach:
i. I have created a sysfs bin files (because it support mmap)
ii. Now, I have implemented my mmap in my driver and assign this attribute
to the sysfs file I have created.
However, I am facing the problem. The mmap is being called properly,
however mmap_fault my implementation is not being called as a result of
which the memory is not mapped. So, when I try to access this file I get
segmentation fault.

Can you please suggest what I should modify or is there anyother way to do
it other than this ??
Thanking you in advance.

Thanks and Regards,
Niroj Pokhrel
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