i just opened up my online intro kernel programming course for free

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El 14/09/2013 07:40, "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> escribió:
>   given that i just haven't had the time to keep working on it (and
> i'm going to republish it anyway, somehow, for free), i've dropped the
> payment requirement of the intro to kernel programming course i wrote
> back here:
>   http://www.crashcourse.ca/
>   up in the top left, you can see two links to courses -- the original
> and the 2nd edition. the original is now completely free, have at it.
> the 2nd edition (also free) is simply the somewhat-updated version of
> the free part of the first edition, so you can (i think) start with
> the 2nd edition and, when it runs out, go back to the 1st edition and
> pick up where that left off. yes, what's there could stand some
> updating but it's still probably adequate to get you going, and
> writing and loading your first kernel module and character driver.
>   my plan for the future is for a totally-updated similar course,
> again designed for newbies. not sure how i want to make it available
> -- perhaps through github or some other social platform -- but
> whenever or wherever it appears, it will be free.
>   more on all of this in a bit. questions?

A big "thanks" is in order here ;)

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