Introducing Myself, Looking to Learn

Varad Gautam varadgautam at
Wed Sep 4 09:06:07 EDT 2013

> How much of a beginner are you? In particular, how much do you know
> about operating system kernels in general? And how much
> multi-threaded programming have you done, in situations where you have
> to manage your own locking?

Here's a little something about myself, I'm fairly good with C, Python and Java and have programmed using threads with Python. I've been using Linux via the command line for a long time now. As for the OS and kernel level stuff, I don't have a lot of experience, but am enthusiastic to learn, and am working on it.

> Linux is a fairly mature monster. This means that the simple outlines
> of what all OSes do tend to be obscured by layers of complexity.
> That's one some folks use BSD for their OS-kernel classes. You'll be
> doing more digging in linux. Will you be comfortable with that?

I do realize that contributing to the kernel would not be an easy task, and I must know a lot before I can contribute actual code. But still, I would be happy to.

> My question would be "incomprehensible how?" There's a lot of shared
> context, which you won't have, and diffs aren't the best way to learn
> what's in a piece of code. That level of "incomprehensible" makes
> sense to me.

I should be able to minimize the "incomprehensible" part soon, there's a lot to catch up with...

Thanks for the advice.


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