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On Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:29:19 +0700, "901stt at" said:
> Hello all,
> I am a newbie here. I'd like to contribute in architectures, kernel
> features, virtualization, and drivers parts, but I don't know where is a
> good way to start. I have looked for some advice but I have had a hard
> time to understand (Some advice is too general. Some used too old kernel
> versions, so I cannot catch up when reading the newer ones). I learned
> about OS, C language, and assembly language. I can configure and build
> the kernel. Would someone guide me where should I start? I appreciate
> for your helping.

One major challenge for newbies to the kernel is that over the past 5 years
or so, large parts of the kernel have been overhauled by professional maintainers.
As a result, it's rather hard for newbies to find places to contribute. For
instance, with virtualization, it's hard for a newbie to contribute when
the person who did the last overhaul of the VT-d support was (a) an
experienced full-time hacker and (b) probably able to walk down the hall and
ask the guy who designed the VT-d hardware how it works. ;)
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