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Racz Zoli racz.zoli at
Sat May 25 01:51:32 EDT 2013

Hi.I don't know about the ext 3 format code, but you can check out this

It is an experimental file system, but it can handle basic operations like
directory listing/creation/removal, file creation and listing and you can
also find a format utility under tools.
I hope it helps.

Regards, Zoli.
On May 25, 2013 8:15 AM, "Dibyayan Chakraborty" <dib.coolguy at>

> Hi,
> I want to implement a file system and integrate with my system. Now
> first i have to implement the code for disk-formatting(like populating
> the super_block , root inode etc). I want to see the source code for the
> ext3 file system for this purpose.
> Please tell me which file in the kernel source contains the
> implementation.
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