How to make a bootable hard disk image?

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> On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 12:51:36PM +0700, Mulyadi Santosa wrote:
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>> > hi:)
>> >
>> >    I want to boot kernel from hard disk image ,because i am using a virtual machine .
>> >    How to make this bootable image   ?
>> >    After I  make it ,how do I put kernel Image into this image?
>> If you are using qemu or kvm, you don't need to put the kernel inside
>> the virtual machine image.
>> Just use -kernel (or possibly -initrd) parameter and pass the path and
>> file name of your kernel image and you're good to go.
>   The path?
>   How to write the path? You mean the virtual machine can share physical
>   hard disk with the host ,without its own hard disk image ?

assume your virtual disk image is in /tmp/guest.img.

Kernel is /tmp/kernel-image. Initrd is /tmp/initrd

Usually, I invoke it this way:
qemu -kernel /tmp/kernel-image -initrd /tmp/initrd -hda /tmp/guest.img

Hope you got the idea....


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