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> hi:)
>   I have compiled a kernel of 2.6 version . there is an bzImage file
> generated and I
Which version of 2.6? I am sure you are aware that the current kernel is
3.7.x and thus most of the newer application would support newer version
and not older version

>   have got a initrd.img file here.
initramfs is newer ramdisk, why are you using an older format?

>   Now ,I want to boot  this kernel , Need I have a boot-loader ? Is GRUB
> right for this?
Ofcourse, how else would you boot?
Grub should do the work.

>   Need I mount kernel image and initrd.img on /dev/XXX ?  If need, when to
> do mount them?
you really need to read more about the intended virtual machine and the
process itself. It seems you have not done enough research to ask such
questions. I would highly suggest that you read either about KVM or Xen,
though I would personally go for usermode linux.

> thanks!
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