TCP checksum not transmited to the wire!

Khaled Dassouki thisiskd at
Mon Jan 28 11:37:36 EST 2013

Thanks Graig for your reply.
I suspected it. I disabled TCP offload using ethtool but nothing changed. below is the ethtool output:

 sudo ethtool -k eth0
Offload parameters for eth0:
rx-checksumming: off
tx-checksumming: off
scatter-gather: off
tcp-segmentation-offload: off
udp-fragmentation-offload: off
generic-segmentation-offload: off
generic-receive-offload: on
large-receive-offload: off
rx-vlan-offload: on
tx-vlan-offload: on
ntuple-filters: off
receive-hashing: off


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> Many server-grade systems these days have TCP checksum offloads. Could
> this be what you're seeing?
> Craig Jackson
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