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Pritam Bankar pritambankar1988 at
Tue Jan 22 07:26:29 EST 2013

Choose appropriate function from stack which has failed. Suppose
function failed is "function_foo()" then you will have entry like

kernel: [<ffffffff814ec2ba>] ? function_foo+198

in stack trace. Pass corresponding debug .ko to gdb and give command

(gdb) l* function_foo+198

This will give you .c file which caused failure with line number.
Suppose you got details like .c file is foo.c and line number is 122
then you can do more debugging with following command

(gdb) info line  foo.c:122

BTW can you put stack trace (if you are allowed) on thread ?

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 7:00 AM, horseriver <horserivers at> wrote:
> hi:
>    I am debuging kernel with gdb , when it comes into a page_fault exception ,how
>    to get to know how does that address come out ?
>    It is the same to ask : which code is using that address , causing the page_fault exception?
> thanks!
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