File system development question

Racz Zoltan racz.zoli at
Mon Jan 21 06:23:58 EST 2013


Some days ago I started studying the linux VFS api, and until now I 
wrote a mountable only file system. I would like to go further than 
that, but I didn`t find any good documentations on google. Some of them 
are incomplete, others are written for the 2.4 kernel series etc. Can 
somebody recommend a good book or documentation about file system 
development on the 2.6 or 3.x kernel series? It`s not a problem if it 
doesn`t contain a full source code (I don`t want to only copy paste code 
written by someone else, compile it, and voila, I`m a kernel 
developer).  Reading the vfs api,or source files from the kernel is 
fine, but without knowing step by step what do I need to do, I only end 
up with kernel panics, and it is really hard to figure out what happened.

Thank you.

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