Kernel-space flirting with user-space

Simon turner25 at
Wed Jan 16 12:22:43 EST 2013

> >   Secondly, I wonder how I can "bind" a user-space program/daemon with
> > kernel-space of the module.
> What about netlink and mmap?

Hi Devendra,
  I glanced at netlink and I really like the idea.  I think it would allow
me to build the whole thing in kernel-space and a user-space process could
simply "proxy" the packets over TCP/IP, SSL and friends! ;)

  I also looked at mmap and while it may be used for communication, it
seems to be used for many other things.  I fear this could be confusing or
that documentation will not address my need specifically though.  An
educated guess tells me it might be more efficient than netlink however.
 I'll give it a shot later and compare.

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