to implement cntl+c from shell script on minicom

laliteshwar yadav lalit4294 at
Sat Jan 12 07:04:30 EST 2013

Hi Tushar,
I am facing a problem with the above implementation.

When target is powered on, logs coming started on minicom.
After 1 second the message is coming as "Executing boot script in 3.000
seconds - enter ^C to abort".

Here, we need to give cntl+c command to stop the target from auto-boot. We
want to flash new image into it.

Our task is to automate the process.

I tried with the following code to run through runscript.

set search_string="Executing boot script in 3.000 seconds"

timeout 50
verbose on

send "\n\r\n\r"
expect {
        "$search_string" break
        timeout 2 goto abort

        print \nGiving cntl+c command on minicom
        send "\^C\r"
        send "\^C"
        send \^C\r
        send ^C\r
        expect {
                "RedBoot>" break
                timeout 3 goto panic
        print \n!!!!!!Bye Bye runscript!!!!!!!
        sleep 2

        print \n!!!!!!Bye Bye Minicom!!!!!!!\n
        !  killall -2 minicom

What i am observing  is , first this script is running then minicom logs
start comming. Actually it should be as first some logs should come till
the search string. Then our command cntl+c should run.

please help me..

Thank you in advance..

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